The NEW Silver Memories App is AVAILABLE NOW!

Download to your iPad or your Android tablet and sign up for your FREE 1-MONTH TRIAL.

From your iPad, please click on icon above to download the App.
(requires iOS v10.3 or later)

From your Android tablet, please click on icon above to download the App.
(requires Android v9 or later, minimum 10-inch screen)


Sign up for your FREE 1-MONTH TRIAL!
Annual plan $79.99 per year
Monthly plan $7.99 per month

Silver Memories App

The App is easy to use for all age groups, with large menu tabs and simple navigation.

Listeners will enjoy Silver Memories music while watching Silver Scenes images on their iPads. They can request songs and birthday calls and access a large library of activities and puzzles. They can also catch recent Silver Memories programs “On Demand” along with Music Genre and Silver Scenes collections. 

Silver Memories – a Unique Music Broadcast Service

  • Timeless tunes, familiar hits and forgotten gems from the 1940s – 1970s
  • A constant companion in your home
  • Takes you on pleasant journeys down memory lane
  • Broadcasts gentle, calming music 24/7, Australia-wide
  • No advertisements or news bulletins
  • Announcers’ with in-depth musical knowledge of the era

Silver Memories Proven Wellness Benefits

  • Increases well-being, morale and quality of life
  • Creates a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere
  • Increases listeners’ energy levels and optimism
  • Reduces boredom, loneliness, social isolation
  • Evokes contented calmness
  • Stimulates recall of positive, autobiographically prominent memories

Silver Memories also provides clinically proven reductions in agitated, verbally and physically aggressive behaviours in people living with dementia.

Program Highlights 

  • Home Grown Hits & Your Requests
  • Down Memory Lane program      
  • Birthday calls and Song Requests
  • Country Classics
  • Regular Singalong sessions
  • Family Favourites from the Sixties 
  • Our Favourite Hymns on Sundays 

Silver Scenes 

Silver Scenes has over 5,000 still images which complement listeners’ music reminiscence experiences.

The images rekindle cherished memories, increase social engagement and alleviate boredom.

They also prompt listeners to relive happy memories of places they have visited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the iPad/Android tablet work in my Home?
A. iPad and Android tablet Wi-Fi models will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for internet access. iPad and Android tablet Wi-Fi+Cellular models can connect to the internet via a mobile data card, which can be purchased from Telstra, Optus or similar suppliers. 

Q.  How do I get the Silver Memories App? 
A. Tap on the App Store icon on your iPad home page, tap Search (with the magnifying glass), tap on entry field, type in ‘Silver Memories’ and tap Search, then tap on Silver Memories icon and follow prompts to install

Tap on the Play Store icon on your Android tablet home page, tap Search (with the magnifying glass), tap on entry field, type in ‘Silver Memories’ and tap Search, then tap on Silver Memories icon and follow prompts to install

Q. Can I download the Silver Memories App to my phone or laptop?
A. It is only available for iPad and Android tablet at this stage.

Q. Could I listen to Silver Memories on my smartphone or smart TV?
A. Apps can only be downloaded onto the specific device they have been designed for – a smartphone or smart TV is a different device to a tablet device. The App is designed for the dimensions and specifications of the Apple iPad and formatted to display neatly on Android 10-12 inch tablets.

Q. Can I use the Silver Memories App on multiple devices?
A. Each subscription to the App allows access to the App on one device in line with App Store and Google Play policies.

QTo download the Silver Memories App to my iPad or Android tablet, what Software version do I need?
A. To download the Silver Memories App, you will need software v10.3 or later on your iPad; or v9 or later on your Android device that has a 10- to 12-inch screen.

Q. How do I find out my iPad’s Software Version number?
A. Open the Settings App on your iPad. 
Tap General then  About.
Look down the page and you’ll see the Software Version entry
For the Silver Memories App to work, you will need v10.3 or later
New models are currently about v13.1.2
Only 4% of iPads still in use have software older than v10.3

Q. How do I find out my Android device’s Software Version number?
A. Open the Settings App on your tablet. 
Tap About tablet then Software information.
Look at Android Version entry
For the Silver Memories App to work, you will need v9 or later
New models are currently v10

Q. How much does the App cost?
A. Annual Plan              AU$79.99 per year
    Monthly Plan            AU$7.99 per month

Q. What do I do when my subscription finishes or is due?
A. You will receive an alert from the App Store to renew your subscription about 2 weeks before it expires. Just follow the prompts to re-subscribe.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from the Silver Memories App?
A. Go to the Apple App store (for iPads) or the Google Play store (for Android tablets) and open the subscription tab. Under there you will have the option to unsubscribe.

Q. How long has Silver Memories been operating for?
A. Silver Memories has a well-established presence in Australia and has been broadcasting since 2007, and by satellite to Residential Aged Care homes Australia-wide in 2014. Today around 10,000 residents in 150 Residential Aged Care homes enjoy listening to it.

Q. What company makes Silver Memories?
A. Silver Memories is produced by 4MBS Classic FM, a multi award winning community broadcasting organisation based in Brisbane, which was established in 1979.

Q. I’m not very good with technology. Is Silver Memories easy to use?
A. The Silver Memories App was co-designed with seniors to ensure ease of use, with large menu tabs and simple navigation steps.

Q. Do you have live announcers?
A. We have live announcers from 7am-1pm, pre-recorded segments hosted by announcers in the afternoon and overnight we just play soothing music for your enjoyment.

Q. Do you have advertisements or news?
A. One of the great features of Silver Memories is that we don’t have any advertisements or news.

Q. I like 60s music – do you play Elvis and The Beatles?
A. We play a wide range of music from the 1940s to 1970s. We steer away from tunes with a heavy beat, focusing on calmer, well-liked melodies.

Q. What kind of pictures are in Silver Scenes?
A. The Silver Scenes Image Collection has approx. 5,000 easy to interpret still images. They are displayed on screen for 30 seconds. All the images are labelled for easy identification. The images are from areas all around Australia and different parts of the world and include Collections of Cute and Cuddly Animals, Down on the Farm, Flowers, Stars of the 1940s–70s, and old items from that period to reminisce about.

Q. I’ve installed the App, and I can get the music, but not the pictures – how do I get the pictures as well?
A. Tap on the Radio Page Icon in the top left-hand corner of the App. Tap on the large white circle on the right of the radio and the images will automatically begin to play

Q. I’ve installed the App, but can’t hear it – how do I increase the volume?
A. Tap on the Radio Page Icon in the top left-hand corner of the App. The red ball in the middle of the radio set is a slider to control the volume. The white box immediately below the red slider tells you what level the volume is set at. The other way to control the volume is to use the volume controls on the outside edge of the iPad.

Q. What do I do if the App won’t start or the radio stream won’t load?
A. Restart your iPad/Android tablet, open/tap the Silver Memories App again and it should work fine.

Q. I heard the announcer say Silver Memories can calm down people living with dementia – is this true, and is there any evidence for this claim?
A. There have been three Silver Memories clinical trials conducted to date. The latest, The Silver Memories Department of Health Research Project 2018 reported that participants who listened to Silver Memories regularly, had significant improvements in Quality of Life, and lowered Geriatric Depression Scale and Cohen Mansfield Agitation scores.
Study coordinator Dr Catherine Travers, Research Fellow, Dementia Collaborative Research Centre, QUT, commented that “These results reflect the very positive effects Silver Memories has on listeners’ sense of wellbeing and levels of social engagement.”  

Q. I don’t think I could afford an iPad
A. Entry level Android tablets are generally about 33% less expensive than similar iPads.

Q. Can I connect the App music to speakers to improve the sound quality?
A. You could connect your iPad or Android tablet to Bluetooth speakers, which provides improved sound quality. These range in price from approx. $100 to $250 and are stocked by Harvey Norman, JB HiFi and similar retailers.  ​